The Maintenance


The Maintenance of Mystical Experience

To maintain the experience at its apex, in all its intensity, is by definition not possible – this phase of the experience is transitory – in the same way that it is not possible to stay in a state of, say, intense surprise, or orgasm, the whole time. However, if it is intense or repeated, the effect of the experience will, nevertheless, in some way be indelible. But the effect will only be active and functional when taken into consideration at all levels of being and cultivated integrally. For this to happen, changes need to take place on a day-to-day basis, and firm and brave decisions need
to be made.

Everybody knows that falling on the ground or colliding with hard or sharp objects hurts. This simply needs to be repeated for it to become clear and permanently inscribed in our general physiology. One does not need to feel the pain the whole time, nor to experience the feeling of falling, in order to carry out one’s activities while bearing this in mind. On the other hand, nothing stops one from being aware of this state of things and still continuing to take risks, being imprudent in various ways and often suffering bruises. It’s a question of behavioural choice.

Mystical experience is free; it places no obligations. The capacity to change, to put the effects into practice and to follow an inductive discipline, are not part of experience: they need to be trained. A discipline in search of unity implies a spiritual labour of harmonisation and resolution of conflicts between the various aspects of human experience, in the context of society and culture.

No-one doubts that the experience is connected to a cognitive, perceptive, psychic and neural path – a neurophysiology. Once the path has been taken and the connections have been established, the natural tendency is to have the experience again, either by the same means or by other similar ones. The experience can be re-induced using the same procedure, or others, and with the passage of time it tends to become serene – the shock, the initial surprise, disappear.

Nothing prevents one from perfecting the practice of induction until one is able to bring the mystical experience about at will. Of course we are not talking about a repetition but a re-induction. The state in itself will always be creative, but no longer surprising or “shocking”.

With practice, the experience can be incorporated into a physiological base compatible with everyday life. If it’s possible to listen to music while talking to someone, pay attention to two things at the same time, it should also be possible to feel oneself as “one” and to continue to operate as if one were separate (two) at the same time.

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