The Initiation: Tolerance


A substance like Ayahuasca has therapeutic possibilities since it tends to dissolve internal fragmentation and compartmentalisation, and to reveal various defence mechanisms like “projection”, “negation” or “displacement”, allowing the enlightenment of sectarianism and intransigent points of view.

If the individual manages to look at things in an undistorted manner, seeing clearly not only his own past but also the presumption and blindness of his own culture, he needs, as well as tolerating disappointment and suffering, to overcome feelings of helplessness.

It’s not always so easy to see and accept that we are not such victims after all, but indeed responsible for our own lives. Accepting that one is capable, recognising one’s potential and the responsibility that this requires, needs courage and determination. We may even refuse to believe that we deserve so much beauty and joy, such profound well being, without having to pay anything except by being what we already are.

The management of our emotions that follows this re-evaluation, this psychic reorganisation, requires a certain amount of equilibrium and good sense for us to take judicious attitudes, and not to move too hastily.

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