Triangulation: The Tea

Ayahuasca as a Triple Phenomenon:
The Tea

Investigations show the variability of the chemical composition of tea. Various factors, including the plants and their origin, the time of harvest, the way they are prepared (the relative quantity of the two plants, the degree of purity and the type of water used – the pH, the mineral content of the water) – all these influence the quality of the tea and, therefore, its effects. The quantity used during a ceremony is also a decisive factor. Normal, moderate quantities allow better observation of one’s own “contents”, a detailed study of one’s own psychodynamic. Larger quantities are necessary to “travel to the stars”, in the language of some sects. The use of a large quantity of tea – above 300 millilitres – in a single dose requires a specific environment, with adequate supervision, and may lead to what is described as a “mystical experience”.

With suitable practice and after a great deal of work on oneself, it’s possible to achieve the same results with smaller doses.

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