The Society: Oneness

“The Culture of Oneness”:

Here there is no dogma, only evidence. No-one is asked to adhere to any belief system, nor to follow any guru or shaman other than the spiritual guide which each person finds within him or herself. All participants are received as equals, to share the moment, exchange understanding or visions, and to construct a collective wisdom in the light of Ayahuasca.

The Ayahuasca Pantheist Society is a religious, non-profit-making organisation, which was founded on the 6th January 2001. It uses modern “psycho-technological” methods and the practice of meditation through the ritualistic use of Ayahuasca (the “wine of the spirits” in Quechua, a plant recognised in Amazonian tradition as a “teaching plant”) in order to promote pantheism, self-knowledge, and the psychological, emotional and spiritual development of those taking part.


To experience, appreciate, study and guide the expanded states of consciousness which come about through the use of Ayahuasca, in order to promote the general, cognitive, spiritual and emotional development of those taking part.

To dedicate itself to studying the scientific, philosophical and mystical aspects of Pantheism.

To seek a more intense communion with nature through significant, holistic feelings and experiences – mystical experiences.

To develop responsibility and creative ability – authority – over one’s own life.

To constantly re-evaluate and improve the dynamic of our activities in order to reach greater effectiveness.

The Ayahuasca Pantheist Society is not just a philosophical movement; it’s also a religion. Having mystical experiences of union with nature through the use of a “teaching plant” is not the same thing as talking and thinking about it; it’s a religion of feeling and experiencing.

It’s a religion dedicated to the search for mystical experiences – that is, by definition, religious experiences of union, of immersion in the “divine”, which is understood as being simply the universe itself. The society seeks to practise and cultivate oneness and harmony, to promote a culture of oneness.

To see, hear, feel and find out for oneself is the desired approach. The practice is centred on personal experience of the sacred through meditation, contemplation and other techniques which allow one to experience expanded states of consciousness and perception.

The Ayahausca Pantheist Society is best defined as a pantheist religion with influences from Yoga, Taoism and Zen Buddhism, as well as from humanism, modern psychology, Naturalism, and Andean and indigenous cultures.

Within our circle, well-trained facilitators who have long and extensive experience of Ayahuasca are available to help the participant to explore and examine his own presuppositions, to go beyond his limits and normal perceptions.

The results depend on you, on your intention and willingness. As students of the Ayahuasca phenomenon and in line with our mission “to constantly re-evaluate and improve the dynamic of our work in the search for greater effectiveness”, we will always be bringing ourselves up to date in the search for more significant and harmonious experiences. With three decades of experiences as therapists, doctors and psychologists, as well as sixteen years (until 2004) intensive experience with Ayahuasca in various contexts, we can – if you are interested — help you to understand and overcome some of your afflictions. We are available.

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