Ayahuasca in Association with others drugs and medicines

Of course, using Ayahuasca alongside drugs which inhibit the MAO, or which in some way interfere with the serotonérgic system, is not recommended and should be avoided, since it can lead to what is known as a “serotonergic syndrome”, a clinical state resulting from a pathologically high level of serotonin, which is potentially dangerous, leading to possible convulsions, overheating and loss of consciousness.

For reasons of prudence and from a desire to prevent these problems from ever taking place (even if they have never been known to take place with the traditional and natural – in nature – use of Ayahuasca), we do not recommend the use of the tea for people who are being treated with psycho-active medicines in general, especially anti-depressants. This treatment must cease at least three weeks before the ceremony, in order to allow the natural stock of endogenous MAO to recover itself completely, and to allow the nervous system to return to its normal physiology.

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