Religion or Philosophy?

The word “religion” has a broader meaning than merely a “supernatural” belief, and can be reconciled with the development of reason and logic, of creativity and the arts. Essentially, the word “religion” presupposes the presence (1) of a “cosmic vision”, placing the individual in the universe; (2) of a space which provides the opportunity for communion with other individuals who perceive and feel things in the same way; and (3) of a “way”, or the putting into practice of religious values.

So the Ayahuasca Pantheistic Society is not merely a specific system of thought – a philosophy – to help understand reality better. The pantheism of our Society involves: an ethical position – a specific interest in the environment, considered sacred; ways of marking and revering the cycles of nature through ceremonies and rituals; an attempt to create mystical experiences, union with universal nature. In other words, a group of activities categorised precisely by the word “religion”.

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