God is the Universe

From our pantheistic point of view, the trivial, anthropocentric view of God is merely a generalised cultural metaphor for universal nature, for the cosmos. In the various religions, the attributes of the deity are, in the final analysis, inspired by the very properties of the universe.

Here, the Universe (with a capital “U”) is understood as being the divinity itself because it possesses all power – an absolute and unlimited creative power – because it is, somehow, infinite and eternal, transcendent, mysterious and omnipresent.

God, the Universe, is therefore the sum of everything which exists: the explosive and luminous sum of 30 billion galaxies – each one with at least 100 billion stars – and all of it still unknown, including all of time and space, all matter and energy in its various phases and states. Nothing exists before, after and outside the Universe – and we are inseparable from it. The Universe exists, subject and object of itself, beyond absolutes beginnings and endings, unlimited and innate, determined by nothing and no-one. It simply exists, without authorisation, without a necessity, a purpose or an objective.

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