The inspiring and clarifying Universe

Nature shines out its grandeur, its mysteries, its diversity and beauty in many dimensions. Magnificent in the starry skies, in the waves of the sea, in the colours of the flowers and the singing of the birds, the Universe inspires humanity, creating in our hearts feelings of peace, harmony, respect, joy and love.

Recognising the Universe as the divinity, it is natural that Pantheism should cultivate feelings such as reverence, love, acceptance and respect for all beings in general and for the Universe as a whole; that it should understand, accept and admire the supremacy of the Universe; and induce in us the desire to treat Nature – plants, animals and those like ourselves – with care.

By making nature sacred in this way,

pantheism corrects important conceptualdivisions between the sacred and the world, and between religion and science. From this three tendencies emerge, towards unification, creativity and ethics.

UNIFICATION: by the direct and intuitive recognition of our unity with the divine Universe and with all beings.

CREATIVITY: through our absolute and immediate integration and identification with the divine and creative Universe.

ETHICS: by the understanding that we are simply part of nature and certainly not its centre, objective and motive

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